Redistribution requirements

When you are ready to distribute your Synergy application, you’ll also need to distribute parts of Synergy/DE with it. At a minimum, you need to distribute core components, which include License Manager and the Synergy Runtime; your application may require that you distribute other components or products as well. You can, of course, simply install the Synergy components that your application requires from the web download. But you also have the option of installing Synergy products from the command line. You can install the following products in this way:


Microsoft .NET Framework must be installed before you can install Synergy/DE. For detailed .NET requirements, see Microsoft .NET Framework requirements.


For information on installing Synergy/DE Client, refer to the installation instructions that accompanied your distribution.


For detailed information on deploying xfNetLink applications, refer to the section of the xfNetLink & xfServerPlus User’s Guide that applies to your client.

For detailed information on deploying xfODBC applications, see Configuring Connectivity Series and xfODBC requirements and installation.

The Synergy installations support the Windows Installer command line switch /q and its variants, which enable you to limit the number of dialog boxes that the user sees and interacts with during the installation. Using /q, you can take advantage of the following user interface levels:

When performing a basic, reduced, or no user interface (UI) installation, the dialog boxes for license configuration and component selection do not display.

Regardless of the type of installation, the installed Synergy product is included in the Programs and Features list and can be uninstalled from there or from the command line.

A full user interface installation displays the Synergex Synergy/DE Product License Agreement Terms and Conditions (PLA) and requires that users accept the terms and conditions specified therein. However, during a basic, reduced, or no UI installation, the PLA is not displayed, and so you must do one of the following:

The table below shows the installation locations for the various Synergy products.    


Installation directory


<Program Files> \ Synergex \ SynergyDE

xfNetLink Java

<Program Files> \ Synergex \ xfNLJava

xfNetLink .NET

<Program Files> \ Synergex \ xfNLNET

xfODBC Client

<Program Files> \ Synergex \ SynergyDE \ Connect

Synergy/DE Client


Synergy DBL Integration for Visual Studio


HTML local documentation

<Program Files> \ Synergex \ SynergyDE \ Documentation

The following components are installed by default in a new Synergy/DE installation. If you do not wish to install the default components, you must do a full UI installation and select the components you want to install.


If you do not require some of the default components, but don’t want to do a full UI installation, you can install the default components and then license only the ones you need.