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Digital Scavenger Hunt

The game is afoot!

We’re inviting YOU to participate in our digital scavenger hunt. Each week, for the next four weeks, we’ll send out two activities for you to complete (which will also be posted below,so you can check back here whenever you need to). Each activity is worth a designated number of points. Once you find the items or complete the tasks, fill out the downloadable scorecard, add up your points, and submit it to win fabulous prizes!




Participation award



Entry to win one of two
Casper Glow Lights



$10 gift card + entry to win $100 or an
Amazon Echo Show 8



$25 gift card + entry to win $250 or a
YETI Roadie Hard Cooler



$50 gift card + entry to win $500 or a
DJI Mavic Mini Quadcopter

Weekly Bonus Gift Card Drawing

We’ll also have a Weekly Bonus Challenge, and everyone who answers by the end of each week will be entered to win $50.

Get your scorecard and get started!


Week 1

September 14-18

Challenge #1
Subscribe to our YouTube channel (include your username)
(50 Points)

Challenge #2
Connect with us on social media: LinkedInTwitter, and/or Facebook. (Include your username and the social media platform on your scorecard)
(75 Points)

Weekly Bonus
(Email answer by Friday, September 18 @ 5pm PT)
Locate our new Downloads site (include link)

Week 2

September 21-25

Challenge #1
Submit a quote or testimonial about working with us or your experience using our products/services. (Submit the quote here and indicate the date you sent it on your scorecard)
(200 Points)

Challenge #2
What open-source Synergex tool can be used to expose specific pieces of your business logic as web services? (Include the answer and a URL for the product wiki on your scorecard)
(75 Points)

Weekly Bonus
(Email answer by Friday, September 25 @ 5pm PT)
What is the current Synergy/DE version number? 

Week 3

September 28 – October 2

Challenge #1
Find the Education Library on our website and download one of the resources. (Include the filename of the resource on your scorecard)
(150 Points)

Challenge #2
Schedule a free, no-obligation call with our consulting group (PSG) or your account executive to discuss how we can help you meet your application needs. (Write the name of the Synergex rep you contacted on your scorecard)
(250 Points)

Weekly Bonus
Subscribe to the Synergex blog. (Email us indicating the email address you subscribed with, or to let us know you’re already subscribed, by Friday, October 2 @ 5pm PT to be entered to win.)

Week 4

October 5 – 9

Challenge #1
Find the number of Ideas in the Resource Center that have been delivered in Synergy releases or submit an Idea—it’s easier than you might think! (Specify the number of delivered Ideas or a link to the idea you submitted on your scorecard)
(75 Points)

Challenge #2
Navigate to the Visual Studio page in our documentation (Include the URL on your scorecard)
(125 Points)

Weekly Bonus
BONUS: Take the 2021 Synergex calendar survey. (Email Us to verify that you completed the survey by Friday, October 9 @ 5pm PT to be entered into the raffle.)

Thank you everyone for playing!