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“This is a must attend event. The subject matter is very much ‘looking to the future’ and if you come away with a  third of the inspiration I have, you’ll have had a great conference. … I came away feeling inspired and confident that Synergex will be my continued platform for the future.”

Mark Roke
Ibcos Computers

“Attending the conference is like taking off the blindfold! The possibilities are endless, and being able to visit with others who’ve already implemented them saves us from the perils of developing new technologies on our own. … Synergex hits it out of the park once again!!!!”

Gayle Lewis

“Put this event on your calendar. The presentations and tutorials alone are worth the trip, and networking with the other Synergy developers is icing on the cake. …Just want to say thank you to all the Synergex folks for an excellent week. I’m looking forward to applying the things I learned to keep our customers going and move their software up to the next level.”

Robert Harrison
HNR Systems LLC

“Fantastic conference, best ever. The Android stuff was fun. The relational database stuff was cool. … Synergex has always been a very accommodating partner and the way that old code still works is fabulous.”

Josh Burnett

“Attending the Synergy/DE conference inspires me to further our technology roadmap along paths that might not have seemed possible before.”

Andrew Butchart
Canada Colors and Chemicals Limited

“Quality! … As always the Synergex team was ‘awesome,’ and the collective brainpower on display required the air conditioning to be turned up.”

Brian Gray
Gould Hall