Future-Proof Development Tools

Having the right tools for the job can mean the difference between an elegant solution and an ordinary one. Whether you’re using Microsoft Visual Studio® or Professional Series Workbench, we’ve got the tools you need to efficiently deliver sophisticated enterprise applications, no matter what the future brings.

Visual Studio Integration
This plug-in for Visual Studio enables you to use the industry-leading Visual Studio development environment to create traditional Synergy applications and/or Synergy .NET applications (which run under the .NET Framework). Visual Studio includes IntelliSense®, a powerful debugger, user interface design tools, project wizards, and data designers.

Professional Series Workbench
Workbench is a development environment for traditional Synergy that provides integrated access to Synergy/DE’s feature-rich development tools and automates routine development tasks. Workbench runs on Windows and supports source files on Windows, Linux/Unix, or OpenVMS.

Professional Series Development Environment (PSDE)
If you prefer to develop your applications on Linux/Unix or OpenVMS systems, you can use the Professional Series Development Environment, which consists of the core development tools listed below, without an integrated visual interface.

Core development tools:

  • Synergy DBL, a comprehensive, proven language for developing business applications.
  • Synergy DBMS file system for fast, portable, reliable data access.
  • UI Toolkit for creating effective graphical user interfaces for both Windows and non-Windows environments.
  • Repository, the central location for storing data definitions for use across all of your applications.
  • ReportWriter, a tool for retrieving, integrating, and consolidating data into columnar, ad hoc reports.
  • Composer, for drag-and-drop design of user interfaces in a visual development environment.