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Future-Proof Development Tools

Whether you’re using Microsoft Visual Studio® or Professional Series Workbench as your IDE, we’ve got the tools you need to efficiently deliver sophisticated enterprise applications no matter what the future brings.

Synergy DBL Integration for Visual Studio

Our Visual Studio extension enables you to use the industry-leading Visual Studio development environment to create traditional Synergy applications and/or Synergy .NET applications (running under the .NET Framework). Take full advantage of developer tools available in that environment, including IntelliSense, debugging, colorization, snippets, and regions. Furthermore, Synergy DBL Integration hooks into and provides project wizards, WYSIWYG GUI designers, data designers—and more.

Synergy DBL Integration for Visual Studio is included with your Synergy DevPartner subscription or sold separately.

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Professional Series Workbench

A development environment for traditional Synergy that runs on Windows and supports source files on Windows, Linux/Unix, and OpenVMS, Workbench provides integrated access to Synergy/DE’s feature-rich development tools and automates routine development tasks. (If you choose to develop directly on Linux/Unix or OpenVMS systems, you can use the Professional Series Development Environment [PSDE], consisting of the core development tools listed below, without an integrated visual interface.)

Workbench is included with Synergy/DE.

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In addition to Synergy DBL, a comprehensive, proven language for developing business applications, Synergy/DE core development tools include the following:

UI Toolkit

UI Toolkit is a set of routines and utility programs that helps you create user interfaces for your applications.


A central location for storing data definitions across your applications, Repository improves productivity and makes program maintenance easier.


ReportWriter retrieves, integrates, and consolidates your application data into ad hoc reports that are organized according to your specifications.


What you see is what you get when you use Composer’s drag-and-drop capabilities to design user interfaces in a visual development environment.

Want tips for using Visual Studio?

Our extensive video catalog, the Traditional Synergy in Visual Studio series, can help you get started. Browse our Quick Tips videos for fast answers to common questions. Looking for more? See the new features, tips, and case studies presented at recent Synergy DevPartner Conferences.

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