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Replicate Synergy Data

Retain the speed of your Synergy ISAM data while simultaneously gaining access to powerful BI tools through data replication. Data replication is the ability to replicate the contents of an application’s Synergy DBMS data file in near real-time to a remote relational database such as Microsoft SQL Server or MySQL. Once you’ve replicated your data, creating a data warehouse with an ETL process can organize your data to help drive business decisions and meet your users’ reporting needs.

No data downtime

No data downtime

preserved investment

Preserved investment

Access to BI applications

Access to BI applications

Seamless integration

Seamless integration

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In this 50-minute video presentation from the 2018 Synergy DevPartner Conference, you’ll learn use cases for data replication, discover the workflow and syntax needed to implement it, and even see a demonstration.

“SQL Replication – Significant New Features” details updates and improvements to our SQL Replication environment. New features include a higher degree of customization relating to fields and keys, as well as the ability to run multiple instances of the replicator process side-by-side.

Compare Synergy DBMS and relational database management systems. Data replication calls for a hybrid approach that uses both. This article helps you understand the benefits and distinctions of each type and why both are necessary to achieve your goals.

Data warehousing is a process of transforming data into information and making it available to users in a timely enough manner to make a difference. In this 30-minute video presentation from the 2017 Synergy DevPartner Conference, you’ll learn about the ETL process that can transform your replicated Synergy data.

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