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Synergy Data

Data Access Anywhere

The Synergy/DE suite of development tools enables you to access and manage data locally or remotely and through popular third-party applications and RDBMs.


Use xfServerPlus and xfNetLink to access Synergy routines and data remotely from a .NET, Java, or Synergy client. Using a proprietary data transfer protocol, xfServerPlus speeds network communication and handles the remote execution of Synergy routines.

Remotely access Synergy DBMS databases from Synergy applications using xfServer. A high-performance data server, xfServer supports encryption for the secure transfer of sensitive data across networks, offers prefetching and buffering of records to improve performance, and includes remote debugging tools to facilitate troubleshooting.

Connectivity Series

xfODBC delivers easy access to Synergy DBMS data from third-party ODBC-enabled applications, such as Microsoft Office and SAP Crystal Reports. With xfODBC, you can offer robust Windows-based analysis and reporting capabilities for Synergy data.

SQL Connection provides an open gateway from Synergy applications to third-party relational database management systems like Oracle, MySQL, and Microsoft SQL Server. Use SQL Connection to bring the powerful features of relational databases to your users.

“xfODBC helped us meet our objectives because it gave our users a vehicle which they could use integrated into Excel and Word to get at the data that was in our database so they could do their own analysis.”

Gigi Payne

GP Enterprise Systems, Inc.

“We couldn’t consider not using ODBC in our application. In a Windows environment it’s a mandatory tool for us to have for our client base, and that’s why we provide it as an option to all of our clients.”

Steve Parish

BusinessCraft Pty. Ltd.

“xfODBC allows us to expand our opportunity to present information to users who don’t even have to use our software. They have the ability to access it through perhaps a database that we’ve designed for them so they can just go in and run their reports as requested, based on their design.”

Michelle Benoit


“We are converting one of our warehouses to a ‘pick to light’ order fulfillment system and are using Synergy/DE SQL Connection to automate the shipping functionality. We are updating SQL tables with real-time order/package status information, so we can have our UPS Worldship application pick up the information as soon as a package arrives at the shipping station. The performance of SQL Connection is excellent—in fact, we’re finding it about 7-8 times faster than SOAP over HTTP, which is important for this application.”

Christopher Blundell

United Natural Foods, Inc.

“Synergy/DE’s SQL Connection product has enabled us to make the booking, enquiry, and static information from the TravelCat application available to our customers in relational databases, such as SQL Server and Oracle, where customers can take advantage of reporting and other access products available for these databases.”

Joy Hanley



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