Data Management and Remote Access

Synergy/DE includes a proven, high-performance database; the ability to access third-party RDBMs; and tools that enable you to access and manage data locally, remotely, and through popular third-party applications.

Synergy DBMS

Synergy DBMS is a fast, reliable, portable database system that scales to thousands of users. It includes database tools that make it easy for you to monitor and optimize your system. Synergy DBMS files can be ported between Windows and Linux/Unix operating systems.

Remote Data Access

By strategically distributing your application across your computing resources, you can ensure maximum performance and stability. Synergy/DE’s remote data tools enable you to web-enable or add client/server capabilities to your application.

  • xfServerPlus application server provides remote access to Synergy business logic and data from a variety of client technologies
  • xfServer data server provides access to remote Synergy data from Synergy applications
  • Development Tools enable you to create new interfaces to your Synergy business logic and data

Database Connectivity

Synergy/DE provides open access to business data.

  • xfODBC gives easy access to Synergy DBMS data from third-party ODBC-enabled applications, such as Microsoft Office and SAP Crystal Reports. xfODBC enables you to offer robust Windows-based analysis and reporting capabilities for Synergy data.
  • SQL Connection provides an open gateway from Synergy applications to third-party relational database management systems, like Oracle, MySQL, and Microsoft SQL Server. SQL Connection brings the powerful features of relational databases to your users.