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Synergex announces release of Synergy/DE 9.1

GOLD RIVER, Calif., April 10, 2007 – Synergex today announced the release of Synergy/DE 9.1, which includes support for objects, features to significantly enhance developer productivity, and features to improve the quality of Synergy/DE business applications.

Support for Synergy objects
Synergy Language is now an object-oriented (OO) language. Synergy/DE 9 includes standard OO features such as inheritance and encapsulation, and represents a next-generation jump for Synergy Language. With version 9, developers can incorporate OO techniques into their existing applications, or create full-blown OO applications that leverage all the benefits of OO programming. These benefits include the ability to develop new programs more quickly, and to create programs that are easier to maintain and reuse. Developers who wish to take advantage of the new object support will find the syntax relatively straightforward. Beta tester Chris Blundell of United Natural Foods, Inc., states, “I’ve found that working in the new object syntax in Synergy/DE version 9 has been very intuitive, for anyone who works in or has worked in the Visual Studio environment, without losing any of the familiarity with the Synergy/DE environment that we all know and work with every day.”

Enhanced developer productivity
Synergy/DE 9 also includes several features to help developers improve productivity. The enhanced compiler will save significant development effort by finding more bugs during the development phase instead of letting them through for developers to discover during testing, or even more costly–after deployment. Other productivity-enhancing features include Workbench improvements, dynamic arrays, structured exception handling, and UI Toolkit parent/child windows.

Improved application quality
The new compiler provides much better error detection. It will discover hidden errors that have been jeopardizing the integrity of existing Synergy solutions, and it will produce better-quality applications moving forward.

“Synergy/DE 9 is one of our most important releases ever,” said William Mooney, Synergy/DE V.P. and G.M. “Not only will it have a significant impact on developer productivity and application quality, it is giving our customers a whole new set of tools, and enabling them to continue leveraging their valuable software investments.”

Supported Platforms and Availability
Synergy/DE 9.1 is available today on Microsoft Windows (including Vista and x64) and numerous Unix platforms. A 9.1 pre-release is available on OpenVMS.

About Synergex International Corp.
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