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Announcing Synergy/DE 11.1.1j

By Steve Ives, Posted on August 25, 2022 at 6:52 pm

Synergex is pleased to announce the immediate availability of Synergy/DE 11.1.1j on all supported platforms. This is a quality release and includes improvements to the Synergy DBL, License Manager, xfServer, SQL Connection, xfODBC, and Workbench products.

Please visit the Synergy Resource Center to review the release notes for detailed information about everything that has changed.

On Windows, this release also adds support for SQL Server driver version 18 for DSN-less connections.

And for OpenVMS developers, this release also makes Global I/O Hooks available on that platform, with the slight limitation that the I/O hooks routine must be linked directly into each mainline program.

Synergy/DE 11.1.1j is available for download now for IBM AIX, Linux, Oracle Solaris, OpenVMS (Alpha and IA64), and Windows.

Announcing SDI 2022.08.1287

By Steve Ives, Posted on at 9:15 am

We are pleased to announce that a new version of Synergy DBL Integration for Visual Studio (SDI), version 2022.08.1287, is available for download from the Resource Center and is recommended for use by all Synergy developers. This is a quality improvement release, and as always, we encourage you to review the changes listed in the release notes.

In particular, we would like to call out one specific improvement; we fixed a runtime memory corruption issue caused by the compiler in versions 2022.05.1198 through 2022.07.1273. With these versions, runtime memory corruption could occur in rare cases when a class had a record or a loose class field that was a synergy alpha, decimal, or integer type. If you are running one of these recent SDI versions, we recommend upgrading as soon as possible.

The Synergy/DE tools included in this version of SDI (dbl.exe, dblproto.exe, dblibr.exe, dblink.exe, dbl2xml.exe, and rpsutl.exe) are from Synergy/DE version

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