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By Richard Morris, Posted on May 29, 2015 at 8:39 am


During DevPartner 2015 a number of people ran through the Utilizing the Repository tutorial which sets out to demonstrate how the meta-data stored in the repository describing your Synergy database can be utilized when building a modern Windows Presentation Foundation desktop application using Synergy and the Symphony Framework.

Using your repository, CodeGen and the associated Symphony Framework templates you can build, from the ground up, a complete WPF application, and this is exactly what you do during the tutorial.

Using the Model-View-View Model pattern you code-generate the model elements as repository based data objects that extend the base Symphony Framework DataObjectBase – this provides field level properties with validation and data bindings. Then we code generate the view – the UI element the user interacts with. The view comprises of windows containing the individual edit controls which in turn use code generated styles. These styles define the visual attributes and data bindings of each field in the repository.

Great – you would think. But I’ve been asked about a default behaviour of a WPF application a number of times and again at the conference, and that is the fact that edit controls, specifically text boxes, don’t auto-select all content when they receive focus. I also find it frustrating but thus far have been unable to think of a solution. “It’s a deal breaker” according to Gayle – who’d just completed the tutorial. Well considering Gayle is a rather fine chap I guess it’s time for me to look at the problem again. I spoke with Jeff @ Synergex who pointed me to a blog by Oliver Lohmann which addresses just this problem.

The solution is to register a behaviour against the TextBox control and handle the GotFocus event – and in the event handler force the selection of the data in the TextBox control. Simple!

And simple it was – and it usually is when you are looking for that “complex” answer. I’ve not done much with behaviours so far, but I think that is about to change! The Symphony Framework has been updated (did that on the plane home) and I’ll be releasing that to GuGet very shortly. The Symphony Framework “style” template will be updated – it’s now released as part of CodeGen – to reflect the new capabilities and normal “behaviour” will be resumed.

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