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Making Maintenance Easy!

By Richard Morris, Posted on September 19, 2012 at 6:38 am


The Symphony Framework continues to develop and expand its capabilities.  The latest version ( has a number of extensions that allow you to build powerful single file/structure maintenance programs.  These programs, known as CRUD style programs (,_read,_update_and_delete), allow the maintenance of data within the file.

Creating these “simple” programs can often be a time consuming process.  You need to create the User Interface, showing what fields the user can see and amend.  You’ll need a lookup as well, so the user can search for existing records.  Your users will need the ability to add new records, and of course be able to remove records from the file.

This is where the Symphony Framework and CodeGen can “take the strain”.  Today you can write a complete CRUD program, including a totally flexible query lookup mechanism without writing a single line of code!

The Symphony Framework is packed full of powerful templates that help you utilize CodeGen to generate all the components to build modern Windows Presentation Foundation based desktop CRUD applications in Synergy .NET.  Templates include the ability to display and format the “key” and “data” views of a repository structure.  These “views” are then used to build the user interface.

The lookup capabilities allow the user complete flexibility when they wish to search for existing records in the file.  The criteria “view” is totally customisable by the user and they can select any fields, which you’ve allowed access to, within the structure to select matching records.  The resulting list of matching records can again be fully tailored to meet the user’s requirements.  Columns can be hidden or revealed as required and they can also be reordered and sorted.  Selecting a record from the list allows you to amend the details, and then return you back to the populated query list.

The complete program provides a graphical menu and toolbar so the user can easily navigate the various CRUD options available.  There are also “hint” icons that help the user to understand the capabilities the programs provide.

You can view a video that demonstrates these powerful new features of the Symphony Framework on YouTube by clicking this link: Happy viewing!

One response to “Making Maintenance Easy!”

  1. Steve Ives Steve Ives says:

    Very nice demo … well done. You must have some really cool tools to be able to achieve all that without writing code manually. Go Symphony Framework and CodeGen!!!

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