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Live from Microsoft TechED 2009

By , Posted on November 11, 2009 at 11:39 pm

Time check: November, 2009, 11. 14:00 hours.We are exactly half way through Microsoft TechED 2009.Tod Phillips and myself are in attendance, and I can tell you it's an amazing conference.Thus far we have sourced 5 T-shirts, two yoyos, one boomerang, one flashing bouncy ball, and our welcome pack that includes a top of the range laptop bag.I've also won a years subscription of the DevExpress UI development tools.

But to more serious news: TechED is the perfect opportunity to discuss software and development solutions with our peers and the developers of not only the microsoft tools, but the UI control makers, who are all here showing off their products.I've already got several code snippets and cool solutions to lots of my questions.I'm also going to download an evaluationcopy of ComponentOne's WPF's control suite, which looks really flashy, and is cheaper than some of the others!

Some of the capabilities available to us developer types to enhance our Windows applications or web site are mind boggling!

TechED to Microsoft has the same importance as the SPC has to Synergex.It's presented by the people that develop, use and are passionate about their respective products.Both offer a unique learning opportunity.

In my next post I'll highlight some of the cool things I've seen this week, and how in Synergy we can take advantage of them.

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