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Synergex Announces Answers and Ideas

Providing an exciting new way for Synergy developers to interact with each other

Sacramento, CA – May 24, 2016 – Synergex International Corp. today announced new Answers and Ideas forums, located in a new area of the online Synergex Resource Center called Zone 2.

Synergy developers can post questions to the Synergy community on the Answers site and answer questions that others post, making it easy for developers to tap in to the expertise of their peers. On the Ideas site, developers can submit and comment on suggestions for improving Synergy products and services.

Anyone may view Answers and Ideas. Synergy developers with appropriate Resource Center privileges can create an account on the site and then add posts and comments.

Go to the Synergex Resource Center Zone 2, or contact Synergex for additional information.

About Synergex
For 40 years, Synergex technologies have been at the foundation of many of the applications that drive commerce around the world. Every day, millions of users interact with systems in e-commerce, global logistics, manufacturing, healthcare, and other industries that are built on or managed by Synergex solutions.