Synergex Announces Synergy/DE 10.3

Delivers Synergy support on devices and much more

Sacramento, CA – December 2, 2014 – Synergex International Corp. today announced the release of a new version of their Synergy/DE application development suite. Version 10.3 enables software developers to develop enterprise level applications that run on Android and iOS devices. The new version also includes numerous features for developers creating Synergy .NET and traditional Synergy applications.
New features in Synergy/DE 10.3 include:

  • Synergy support for Android devices and pre-release support for iOS devices. Using Synergy DBL’s integration with Visual Studio and Xamarin tools, developers can now create Synergy apps that run on Android and iOS devices.
  • Ability to get change tracking information directly in the applications. A new ChangeTracking class lets developers retrieve snapshot information, apply a snapshot to a file, and find out whether change tracking is enabled—all from within their application.
  • Optimized Where.In selections for the Select statement. Where.In selections are now optimized when an ISAM key field is specified, greatly improving performance and allowing for more efficient join functionality.
  • Connection recovery with xfServer. An xfServer client application can now automatically reconnect and recover context if its network connection is temporarily dropped. This will be especially useful with devices on wireless networks as connections can be unreliable. (Windows)
  • Ability to concatenate strings and (in Synergy .NET) concatenate strings with numbers or objects. Non-string operands are converted into strings, and developers can append to the beginning or end of a string. String functions like this improve code readability and performance and provide a feature that programmers are used to seeing in other .NET languages.
  • Support for the conditional operator. A new ternary operator lets developers define a conditional expression and get one result if the condition is true and another result if the condition is false.
  • NOROLLBACK file creation option. NOROLLBACK prohibits the rollback function when change tracking is enabled, helping developers prevent accidentally reverting a file back to its original state (before a snapshot).
  • SIZE_LIMIT and RECORD_LIMIT file creation options. SIZE_LIMIT and RECORD_LIMIT let developers set the maximum number of megabytes that a data file is allowed to reach and the maximum number of active records allowed in a file. This is especially useful for devices.
  • Workbench upgrade to SlickEdit 18. This new SlickEdit version provides Workbench users with improved speed and stability. Other notable improvements are the draggable and dockable file tabs.
  • Support for Windows 10 Technical Preview. Set for release in mid-2015, Windows 10 will include security enhancements, the return of the Start menu, and the ability to run on a broad set of devices.
  • Many Synergy .NET compiler enhancements for improved performance and compatibility, including the ability to target the 10.1 runtime.
  • Many enhancements to Synergy DBL Integration for Visual Studio, including Support for Visual Studio 2013 Update 4 and experimental support for Visual Studio 2015 technical preview.
  • Support for OpenSSL 1.* on AIX, Linux, and Solaris.
  • Many traditional Synergy DBL compiler enhancements, including support for String.Replace() and support for READONLY STATIC class fields, STATIC classes, and simple properties.
  • Many important fixes, including fixes for xfServer on OpenVMS; an SSL-related fix on Linux; multiple fixes for ISAM issues; a fix for parsing URIs for HTTP functions; and numerous fixes for the Synergy .NET compiler and Visual Studio integration.

Synergy/DE 10.3 provides Synergy developers the continued ability to leverage and advance their enterprise class solutions to new platforms as they become relevant and necessary for continued business success. Not only does Synergy/DE 10.3 offer a path to mobile devices, it offers a portable path to devices. The mobile Synergy apps that developers create will run on Mono, a cross-platform implementation of Microsoft’s .NET Framework, which is supported on multiple devices and other platforms such as Linux. “We’re very excited to deliver a portable path to devices to our customers,” states Bill Mooney, Synergex President, “and we’re looking forward to helping our customers take advantage of the new opportunities that mobile apps will provide to them.”

Learn more about Synergy/DE 10.3 on the Synergex web site.

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