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This page includes requirements and other important information about Synergy/DE 10.1. Refer to the Synergy/DE Quick Migration Guide (PDF) for more information about upgrading.

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Product Keys

If you are upgrading to version 10 for the first time, you will need new product keys. You can obtain keys either from the Licenses site or by emailing your registration information to Customer Service.

To email your registration information…

On Windows, using the Synergy Configuration program,

  1. From the Licensing tab, click the Print Registration Information button.
  2. Complete the fields and click the Save to File button.
  3. Send us the file.

On Unix, send the “register.lm” file located in the synergyde/lm directory.

(See “Configuring License Manager” in the Synergy/DE documentation for additional information about obtaining product keys.)

Runtime Compatibility (Compilation Requirements)

We recommend that you rebuild your Synergy applications with 10.1 to benefit from all the new features and fixes. If you choose not to rebuild, your application should still work fine with the 10.1 runtime, with the following exceptions:

Server Compatibility

We recommend that you update all Synergy/DE products to version 10.1. If you choose to update your server(s) only, refer to the table below for the minimum client versions supported with Synergy/DE 10.1 servers:

For SQL OpenNet, the server version must be equal to the client version. For other Synergy/DE client/server products, the server version must be equal to or higher than the client.

10.1 server productsSupported client versions
xfServerSynergy/DE 6.1 and higher
(When using encryption, Synergy/DE 9.3 and higher)
xfServerPlusxfNetLink 7.1 and higher
(When using encryption with xfNetLink .NET and xfNetLink Synergy, Synergy/DE 9.3 and higher. When using encryption with xfNetLink Java, Synergy/DE 9.5.1a and higher.)
SQL OpenNetxfODBC or SQL Connection 10.1
License Manager(Windows) Synergy/DE 6.3 and higher
(UNIX) Synergy/DE 6.1 and higher


RDBMS Support (with SQL Connection)

SQL Connection 10.1 supports the following databases:

In addition, fee-based support from our Professional Services Group is available for the following databases:

Third-Party Products

Synergy/DE interfaces or integrates with a number of third-party products. Synergex supports these interfaces and integration points but does not support the third-party products themselves. We strongly encourage you to maintain support contracts for any third-party products that are important to your applications. The table below specifies the versions of third-party products that we expect to work successfully with Synergy/DE.

A asterisk * in the version column indicates a new minimum version requirement.

For these third-party productsSynergy/DE 10.1 is expected to work with these versionsNotes
Adobe Reader*8, 9, 10, 11For viewing the Online Manuals. For best results, use the most recent version of Reader available for your platform.
Crystal Reports9, 10, 11, 12For use with xfODBC.
Delphi4 and higherActiveX controls created with Delphi must use Delphi version 4 and higher.
HP SSL1.3Based on OpenSSL 0.9.7e. OpenVMS only. Synergy/DE is built with 1.4, but 1.3 files are also included in the distribution and can be used if needed.
HTTP1.0For use with the HTTP document transport API.
Internet Explorer7.n, 8.n, 9.n, 10.nFor accessing Synergy logic from xfNetLink (.NET & Java).
Java Servlets2.2 and higherFor xfNetLink Java.
Java Virtual Machine (JVM)1.5, 1.6, 1.7For xfNetLink Java, which requires a JVM that is compatible with Sun Microsystems’ JDK version 1.5 or higher.
JavaServer Pages1.1 and higherFor use with xfNetLink Java.
MDAC2.7 SP1, 2.8For use with xfODBC.
Microsoft .NET Framework* 4.0 and higher for traditional Synergy4.0 and higher for Synergy .NET and the Synergy/DE Data Provider for .NETFor traditional Synergy/DE (xfNetLink .NET and the Synergy .NET assembly API), users require 4.0 or higher. 4.0 or higher is also required for Synergy .NET code and for use with the Synergy/DE Data Provider for .NET
Microsoft Jet 4SP8For use with xfODBC.
Microsoft Visual Studio2008 with xfNetLink .NET2010 with Synergy .NET or for the Synergy/DE Data Provider for .NET 2012For use with xfNetLink .NET and Synergy DBL Integration with Visual Studio. Visual Studio 2008 requires Synergy/DE 9.1.3 or higher. Visual Studio 2012 requires Synergy/DE 10.1 or higher.
MySQL5.1For use with SQL Connection.
OpenSSLSee KnowledgeBase 100001979.For use with the HTTP document transport API. 1.0.3 required on Windows.
Oracle10.x, 11.xFor use with SQL Connection.
SQL Server (Microsoft)*2008, 2008 R2, 2012Synergy/DE 10.1 supports only the vtx12_sqlnative driver with SQL Server 2008. For use with SQL Connection.
Synergy DBMS files5.7.9+
Terminal emulatorAt least limited vt100 terminal compatibilityFor use with the remote debugging feature.
VMWareAllFor using Synergy/DE products on virtual machines.

Requirements for the Synergy/DE Data Provider for .NET

Product key

The “SDB10” configuration key will configure both the Synergy/DE Data Provider for .NET and xfODBC. For example, a 10-user SDB10 license will support 10 xfODBC users or 10 Data Provider users or 5 users of each and so on.

Product requirements


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