Mobile Devices and More

Use Visual Studio and Xamarin tools to create Synergy .NET applications that run on tablets, smartphones, and other platforms.

The open-source Mono platform, an implementation of the .NET Framework, makes it possible to deploy Synergy .NET applications on a variety of platforms and devices. Synergy/DE currently supports Android and iOS devices and soon will also support Linux servers and desktop systems.

When developing for Mono, you’ll use a subset of the Synergy DBL statements, routines, etc., that you would use when developing for Synergy .NET. Compiled applications consist of assemblies that are interpreted and managed by the Mono common language runtime. You’ll typically use HTTPS and web services to access your data on your server; you may also use temporary storage (or cached server data) on the device.

For Mono development, Synergy/DE includes

  • Synergy DBL, a cross-platform DIBOL-based language with base class libraries and object-oriented features.
  • Synergy DBMS, a scalable, portable, high-performance ISAM database.
  • Support for portable class libraries.
  • Encryption support on Linux
  • Licensing enforcement on mobile devices via the Synergy cloud device license service.

For more information about developing Synergy applications for devices, see “Synergy .NET and Mobile App Development” in the Synergy/DE documentation.