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RDS releases new version of Synergy/DE-based RDS Advantage

OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla. and GOLD RIVER, Calif., Aug. 1, 2005 – RDS Publishing (RDS), a provider of choice software tools and services to churches of all denominations across the United States, announces a new version of RDS Advantage® software, 8.12.19. This version includes exciting new functionality that automates and streamlines church management processes.

Automatic Attendance Tracking
One of the new enhancements to Synergy/DE-based RDS Advantage software is Insta Check-In©, which automates the check-in process for people attending Sunday school or worship services or using the church nursery. Fully integrated with the RDS Advantage database, the new Insta Check-In module enables church members and visitors to walk up to a touch screen kiosk or PC, identify themselves by last name or telephone number, receive a printed nametag, and get marked as “present” in the RDS Advantage system. Especially valuable is the security Insta Check-In provides for parents who entrust their children to the church nursery staff. A child checking into the nursery receives a printed Insta Check-In nametag, which must exactly match the Insta Check-In receipt the parent turns in at pick-up time.

Online User Account Management
Another new enhancement to RDS Advantage, “Virtual Village – My Web Congregation™” is a suite of password-protected church management Web applications that is also completely integrated with the Synergy/DE-based RDS Advantage database. These Web applications enable church members and staff to complete a number of transactions online, such as managing their personal member information, transferring contributions and payments from their bank accounts and viewing the church calendar and enrolling in scheduled activities. RDS Advantage imports and exports all data coming from and going to the Web; best of all, the Virtual Village suite of Web applications is secure, thanks to SSL Secure Socket 128-bit encryption on Linux servers.

Insta Check-In and Virtual Village received very positive feedback from beta testers. “We think our product is one of the best on the market because it uses a totally normalized Synergy DBMS database,” says Dick Webber, president of RDS. “As a result, it is very fast and the file structures are very solid and secure. Also, we have 24 years of experience in building and customizing our system to what churches need, and we think we have included every feature a church could ever dream about having.”

About RDS Publishing
RDS Publishing provides high-quality software tools and services to churches of all denominations across the United States. RDS Advantage is an integrated software system with modules created especially for the unique needs of church and not-for-profit management. RDS Advantage customers range from small churches with single-user systems to mega churches and non-profit organizations with large, multi-user systems. For more information about the new version of RDS Advantage, visit RDS’ Web site.