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Announcing Dates and Location for SPC 2010
{It's big, and it's coming back to California, October 4-8}
SPC 2010
So what makes the 2010 Synergy/DE developer's conference so significant?

In short, SPC 2010 will highlight the much anticipated Synergy/DE interoperability with Microsoft .NET and integration with Visual Studio, as well as cover other important new Synergy/DE capabilities, such as encryption, the Select class, and snapshots—all features that have been directly requested by customers like yourself.

Guarantee you don't miss out. As you plan your calendar and budget for next year, be sure to include the SPC. The conference will take place October 4-8 in Sacramento.

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Stay tuned to Synergy-e-News for details.

“I didn't know Synergy/DE could do all that!”

David Chang :: Data Access
SPC 2009 attendee

“I have returned from the conference excited, and wanting to learn more, about the topics presented. Fantastic conference!"

Amy Spain :: United Natural Foods, Inc.
SPC 2009 attendee