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We have a confession.

We’re finally ready to admit that our blog site design was not that great. Here we are, telling you that user experience and design are important…and guess what? We’ve been contradicting ourselves by providing you with an outdated, cumbersome blog-reading experience.

The worst part is that there are some pretty darn good blog posts out there—but you wouldn’t know it because they are easy to miss and not posted [that] frequently. The writing was on the wall (or rather, the blogs)—we had to make a change.

Here’s the deal.

The old blog site had three blogs: CTO blog, PSG blog, and William Mooney’s blog—which we thought were awesome and all that, but you had to subscribe to each one separately to ensure you wouldn’t miss any musings (AND really valuable information). So, we had this brilliant idea: Consolidate all the blogs into one to make it easier for everyone to follow and for more Synergex employees to contribute. Genius, right? Yeah, we thought so too.


You’ll be happy you did it.

Now that we have this really cool (hope you think so too!), updated blog site that’s easy to use and subscribe to, you should definitely check it out and sign up. Let’s face it, you don’t want to miss any of the blog posts that are in the pipeline—they won’t disappoint. Just click the button below to see the awesome new site and subscribe. You won’t regret it, we promise!

View the blog

Why stop there?

So, now that you’re subscribed to the blog, you should probably make sure you’re also connected with us on other social media. We post some pretty neat things!

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