Synergy DE

As a Visual Studio 2015 sim-ship partner, we have updated Synergy/DE to support Microsoft’s new Visual Studio 2015 release. You can start using the latest Visual Studio features TODAY with a new Synergy/DE developer build that’s now available for download. Take advantage of new VS features such as the new debugger, light bulbs, and other performance tools that you can use with your Synergy application development.



For more information about Microsoft’s exciting new Visual Studio 2015 release, check out Microsoft’s announcement and also eWeek’s article about the release, which quotes two Synergex developers.

For information about Synergy/DE developer builds, see this Synergy-e-News article.

Look for a full Synergy/DE release, 10.3.1b, coming soon. In addition to supporting Visual Studio 2015, 10.3.1b will also support Windows 10 (which Microsoft plans to release July 29), and it will include pre-release support for developing universal Windows apps in Visual Studio 2015.



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