Future-Proof Development Tools

Having the right tools for the job can mean the difference between an elegant solution and an ordinary one. Whether you’re using Microsoft Visual Studio® or Professional Series Workbench, we’ve got the tools you need to efficiently deliver sophisticated enterprise applications, no matter what the future brings.

Visual Studio Integration
This plug-in for Visual Studio enables you to create traditional Synergy applications and Synergy .NET application (which run under the .NET Framework) using the Visual Studio development environment, which includes IntelliSense®, debugging, and user interface design tools

Professional Series Workbench
Workbench is a comprehensive development environment for traditional Synergy that enables you to create sustainable, platform-independent business applications for deployment into distributed environments. By providing intuitive, integrated access to a variety of feature-rich core development tools, and by automating routine development tasks, Workbench simplifies development efforts, reducing the time required to get your applications to your users. Professional Series Workbench runs on Windows and supports source files on Windows, Linux/Unix, or OpenVMS.

Professional Series Development Environment (PSDE)
If you prefer to develop your applications on Linux/Unix or OpenVMS systems, you can use the Professional Series Development Environment, which consists of the core development tools listed below, without an integrated visual interface.

Core development tools:

  • Synergy DBL, a comprehensive, proven language for developing business applications.
  • Synergy DBMS file system for fast, portable, reliable data access.
  • UI Toolkit for creating effective graphical user interfaces for both Windows and non-Windows environments.
  • Repository, the central location for storing data definitions for use across all of your applications.
  • ReportWriter, a tool for retrieving, integrating, and consolidating data into columnar, ad hoc reports.
  • Composer, for drag-and-drop design of user interfaces in a visual development environment.